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Have you ever had anyone tell you to"follow your dreams", or "you're just a dreamer?" I know I have, and I am proud to say I love it. I often find myself staring off in space thinking about (dreaming), of the possibilities and direction of Able Cresting. What if we did this: add this to our product lines; take a leap and expand our staff; or move more to a national and international company? Those are exciting but scary thoughts, especially when you are a small business owner. None of us are natural risk-takers, we prefer the safety of our comfort zone. But when we move out of that comfort zone, the sky is the limit! Dreamers must surround themselves with people that can put feet to the ideas. Dreamers generally are not very good at implementing the tasks needed to move an idea forward. That is me; I can dream big, but I struggle with implementing the plan. I work well with a team, but I need the thinkers, planners and executors to get the job done! Of course, a dream can't happen without a dreamer!

Many businesses; large and small, have been created by dreamers. People who have a passion and desire to make it happen, carry the vision and possibilities. Phil Knight, founder of Nike is a good example of a dreamer. He had a vision and was not willing to stop or give up despite massive obstacles in his way. Phil started out with a track shoe, selling  80 pairs in the first year! Gradually over the years inventory and sales grew until his start-up company morphed into the Nike of today! What would have happened if he decided to give up on his dream? I guess we will never know the answer to that question. But rather, we have a guidepost on how to follow a dream. It's time to follow your dream, make it a reality. I encourage you to NEVER stop dreaming, 

Thanks for being here. Talk to you soon.

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