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Over the 24 years Able Cresting has been in business probably the most common question we are ask is, "What is new or popular in promotional products?" When asked that question we respond by asking what are you wanting to use them for? That in fact, is likely the most important question to ask! We can highlight a number of items, tell you that company "SO and SO" has done product ABC... Though helpful, it is likely not what you need! The product they chose fit a specific goal within their marketing program. They may have chosen it because they wanted to reward long time employees with a product no other company has used. Something that other staff would view as being a reason to stay long term with the company. But, if your goal is to attract new clients by attending a tradeshow, then a high end product would not suit your needs. Rather, you might be looking at less expensive items that are functional and easy to carry around. Something that has preceived value to people who come by your booth to say hi and check out your company.

Keeping this in mind, we would turn the question around and ask you what you wish to achieve with the product? Once we have the information a detailed product presentation would be developed matching products to your specific need. It is a team effort. You tell us, we propose ideas and you win! Next week we will be addressing the idea of Faith in the work place. Talk to you next week!

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