Team Building at it's best! - Able Cresting Ltd

12 Apr


Team Building at it's best! - Able Cresting Ltd

Top-Shelf Tip No. 69:

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results.”

Andrew Carnegie

Six Fresh Ways To Approach Team Building

For your sales reps to work cohesively, they should feel connected to each other. When your team members feel a genuine connection with their colleagues, they will be more likely to communicate better, help each other and work together to solve problems. Fortunately, you can foster collaboration in many ways by using different approaches to team building.

Thadoi Thangjam, a content marketer and digital marketing executive at Vantage Circle, has outlined six types of team building approaches that work whether your sales team is working from home or back in the office.   

Keep reading this issue of Promotional Consultant Today for Thangjam’s team-building ideas. 

1. Activity-based team building. With this team-building approach, look for ways to give your sales reps a break from their daily routine. Try organizing an outdoor team lunch or a virtual team lunch if your employees are working from home. During the lunch, Thangjam says you can have your employees complete various mental or physical activities that will inspire laughter and boost moods. 


2. Communication-based team building. Thangjam says communication-based team building is ideal for helping new colleagues get to know each other. One example of a team-building activity to try with your sales team involves a puzzle. Divide employees into small groups and give each group a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. Team members will need to find the missing pieces by negotiating with other teams.  


3. Skills-based team building. This type of team building can enhance your sales reps’ skills while allowing everyone to have some fun. Thangjam recommends trying the “Back of the Napkin” challenge, which promotes creative thinking and teamwork. Divide your sales team into smaller groups and give each team a napkin and pen. Give them a series of problems or questions to solve by writing on the back of the napkin. The team with the best solution wins.  


4. Personality-based team building. Your sales team is probably full of many types of personalities. Some people may prefer working in smaller groups or independently, while others may enjoy getting together in large teams. With personality-based team building, you can pair sales reps based on what they enjoy. 


5. Problem-solving-based team building. Thangjam notes that problem-solving activities can improve communication, interpersonal relationships and mend differences to reach a common goal. To make this work for your team, introduce fun games or exercises and help your sales reps learn how to work together as a team.


6. Value-based team building. This kind of team-building approach works for both your team members and your organization. The goal with value-based team building is to create meaningful experiences for employees while contributing to society. This could be volunteering together, hosting a food drive or cooking for a cause. 


Team building does not have to look the same every time. If you traditionally use the same team-building activities, try something new. By considering the approaches above, you can fine-tune your efforts to suit everyone on your team. You’ll end up sparking some fun and setting the tone for a positive work culture. 

Compiled by Audrey Sellers 

Source: Thadoi Thangjam is a content marketer and digital marketing executive at Vantage Circle.   





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Team Building at it's best! - Able Cresting Ltd



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